Review & Guide | UOB EVOL Credit Card

Review & Guide | UOB EVOL Credit Card

Written by
Demi Zhuang
Date published
February 14, 2024

This guide will provide you with key points on what you need to know to make the decision on whether to apply or not. I’ll share with you my personal experience using them too! 🙂 Hope this helps.

Reason Why This is Not to be Missed

HIGHEST Cashback Credit Card for $600 minimum spending.

Before I started collecting miles, UOB EVOL would be my main card if I knew for certain that month I could spend $600 as it would give me $40 Cashback making it an effective 6.67% Cashback.

Unlike other credit cards that gives you categories like Transport, Dining etc to fulfil, UOB EVOL is based on whether the transaction is Online or a Mobile Contactless Payment. There’s literally no use for the physical card if you remember the numbers.

If you do not meet the $600 minimum spending in that statement, you will only earn 0.3% cashback on all Transactions.

How does it work?

8% (effectively 6.67%, more on it below)
Min Monthly Spending
Annual Income Requirement
Annual Fee
No Annual Fee if you make min 3 transactions per month for 12 consecutive months (no issue getting it waived in my experience)
Mobile Contactless Payment
Cashback %
Cashback Cap
Maximum Spending
Total Spending
Total Cashback
$40 / $600 = 6.67% Cashback
In order to maximise the use of this card, the remaining $100 can just be on anything besides the list of exclusions. Terms and Conditions in line 20.

“Online Spend” → refers to Transactions made via the internet based on system indicators and processed by the respective merchants/acquirers as an online transaction.

“Mobile Contactless Spend” means in-store contactless Transactions made via the following mobile wallets: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and such other mobile wallet services as UOB may determine from time to time at its sole discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, Transactions which are made online via any of the mobile wallets listed above will not be eligible to receive any Cashback under the “Mobile Contactless Spend” category but will receive Cashback under the “Online Spend” category.

“Other Spend” → means all other Transactions that are not Online or Mobile Contactless Spend.

Overall, if you’re after cashback, it’s a no brainer to have this card in your wallet. It’s probably one of the last $600 minimum spending credit card out there besides the HSBC Visa Platinum. Use this alongside the UOB One Savings Account and get 5% p.a. Interest on your first $100,000.

(ocbc frank and dbs livefresh is now $800 min spend)

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