My Story

Personal finance had always been a passion of mine, inspired by my father 👨 who’s very good with money.

At 18 I started receiving my allowances monthly and that kicked started my journey tracking every single cent I had. literally… 😂

In my last year of University, I was working as an Internal Auditor at MOH and I knew it was what I wanted to do for work which brought me into the Education sector as an Internal Auditor / Quality Assurance Consultant. But…

💭 Dream

2020 - 2021

Deep down I knew I didn’t want to be working at a 9-6 for the rest of my life… I couldn’t imagine being 50 at a desk. I started dreaming of what life could be like when you have complete control over what you do and when you do. Thanks to Covid when we were all stuck at home, I consumed loads of content online trying to figure this out.


🔨 Build

april - july 2022

I stumbled upon the idea of content creation on YouTube and how it could be a profitable side hustle. The question was — what niche?

I had initially started with 🎥 vlogs as I loved consuming those content but producing it was a whole different ball game altogether. After a few months I gave that up. I couldn’t do it consistently and found it a drag.

At that point I was also gradually feeling unsatisfied at work. I wanted to save up agressively so that I could afford going abroad for an extended period of time and at mid points, fly my mom down to join me. I figured, why not document this journey transparently, and I did.

✈️ Grow

sep 2022

I left Singapore to 🇰🇷 for 3 months. The channel by then was at 500 subscribers. With working remotely and more control of my time, I started uploading more content. Sometimes twice or thrice a week.

✨ Breakthrough

dec 2022

The channel got monetised. 🎉

It felt surreal and I was excited. More than the money it brings in (at that point it was $2/3 a day), it was the feedback that kept me going.

Looking back, investing time consistently for something that didn’t bring in an income and truly enjoying it, it seems like I had found what feels like ‘play’ but is ‘work’.

🤓 Today

The eventual goal is to help others with their personal finance, educate, make informed decisions so they can focus and give time to the things that matter more in life, like creating memories with their loved ones, like chasing after the dreams they’ve harboured in their hearts.

For myself, the dream I’ve always had deeeeep down, has something to do with Tourism and Hospitality. Let’s see in the future. Things could change as I grow and try all sorts of things, but the overarching picture is that one part of what I do will always be personal finance related.

Follow along~

I hope with my journey it encourages you. That if I can do it, so can you. 💪🏻

Chase that dream that you’ve always had. Walk the pathless path.

The pathless path is an alternative to the default path. It is an embrace of uncertainty and discomfort. It’s a call to adventure in a world that tells us to conform. — Excerpt From The Pathless Path by Paul Millerd
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