Moomoo New User Sign Up Step by Step Guide

Moomoo New User Sign Up Step by Step Guide

Written by
Demi Zhuang
Date published
April 2, 2024

Why I Chose Moomoo Singapore for my Investments

For those of you who do not know I started my investment journey in November 2022 with Syfe Trade for US Stocks (particularly the S&P500) simultaneously wanting to start my investment journey Singapore Stocks, Moomoo Singapore became the choice of platform to do it with with because of these reasons:

✅ 1 Year Commission Free Trades in the Singapore Stock Market

✅ Grow myself as an Investor with the Tutorials and Guides for Free on the App

✅ Great Customer Service

✅ 1 in 4 Singaporeans uses Moomoo 😅 there must be a reason why

🐮 Great UI UX design that makes investing much more pleasurable

Only when the channel grew I had the opportunity to work with them and it’s amazing being able to share about a platform I personally use on a daily basis.

Moomoo Singapore New User Sign Up Guide

It gets BIGGER and BETTER each time.

Get up to S$990 as a New User from now till ⏳ 01 July 2024, 9:59PM SGT.

Note: This includes a S$20 with my exclusive link 🙂

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Reward Value
Holding Period
Register and Open an Account →
My Link Exclusive
Deposit $100 1 Buy Trade
$20 (S$2 daily for 10 days)
🎁 Reward 1 Moomoo Cash Plus 🇸🇬 SGD Fullerton Cash Fund 🇺🇸 USD Money Market Fund
6.8% p.a. Guaranteed Returns max deposit of S$80K
30 Days (not locked in)
🎁 Reward 2
Deposit S$3,000 3 Buy Trade
1x Stock Bundle S$70 (Apple, Nvidia, Tesla, NIO, Sea shares)
30 Days
🎁 Reward 3
Deposit $10,000 8 Buy Trade
3 x Stock Bundle S$210 (Apple, Nvidia, Tesla, NIO, Sea shares)
90 Days
🎁 Reward 4
Deposit $100,000
1 Apple Stock $243
90 Days

🔗 Official terms and conditions

All Rewards are Stackable!

My link Exclusive → $2 Daily for 10 Days

🎁 Reward 1 : 6.8% Guaranteed Returns for 30 Days

When you subscribe to either the SGD Fullerton Cash Fund or CSOP USD Money Market Fund

  • Maximum deposit S$80,000
  • Guaranteed for 30 Days
  • You’ll receive S$447 total!

If you have already deposited the full S$80,000 here, you only need to fulfil the buy trades for the stocks bundles below!

FAQ & Disclaimer
  1. When will you get the ADDITIONAL RETURNS that makes it 6.8%?
  2. The fund will credit returns DAILY to you. Additional returns to make it 6.8% overall will be credited to your account by Moomoo after the 30 days.

  3. What’s the difference between SGD Liquidity Fund and Fullerton SGD Cash Fund?
    1. The SGD Liquidity Fund allows you to do same day deposit and redemption

    2. Deposit & Withdrawal before 9AM on a Working Day
    3. Returns will start showing Next Working Day | Withdrawal will be posted before 8PM
    4. 🔗 Details here

      🎥 Video on this fund here


Moomoo Cash Plus is an investment product at the end of the day. This is not comparable and is different from savings deposit accounts. Principal is not guaranteed only the 6.8% p.a. is guaranteed for the 30 days promotion period.


🎁 Reward 2: 1 x Stock Bundle worth S$70

Deposit cumulative amount of S$3,000 and complete 3 buy trades.

If you’re not ready to buy a stock, don’t worry, you can simply subscribe into sgd fullerton cash fund 3 times (min S$1)

Maintain the $ there for 30 days

  • Receive a Stock bundle consisting of Apple, Nvida, Tesla, NIO and Sea Shares

🎁 Reward 3: 3x Stock Bundle worth S$210

Deposit cumulative amount of S$10,000 and complete 8 buy trades.

Buy trades are also cumulative, so if you’ve done 3 above, just do another 5 here.

Maintain the $ there for 90 days

🎁 Reward 4: 1 Apple Share worth S$243!

Deposit $100,000 — thats it 😜 oh &

Maintain the $ there for 90 days

Note: If you deposited S$10,000 and made 8 Buy Trades, you would already be entitled to the 4 stock slice bundle + S$20 from my exclusive link. To get the Apple Stock, deposit a TOTAL of $100,000 and hold for the duration.

Other 🎁 Gifts

✅ 1 Year Commission free trades in the SG Stock Market

✅ Lifetime Commission free trades in the US Stock Market

✅ Free level 1 China A-share market data

✅ Free Level 1 Hong Kong market data

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