What’s Next?

What’s Next?

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16 February 2024

Good morning, afternoon or evening whenever you’re reading. It’s 8:00AM on a Thursday as I’m writing this.

Living abroad in the last few months was eye opening to say the least. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It gave me time alone to think and make plans. It was a break from the distractions back home.

My life when in Singapore is filled with lots of family time. With a new family member (my sister gave birth last year), my mom is taking care of her so my house is absolutely quiet in the day with a little baby enjoying all the sleep to make up for when she’s older 🤪 some days it can get pretty hectic too.

As long as I’m at home, I help my mom when I can so there’s lots of distraction going on. Part reason why I decided to live abroad temporarily last year.

Everything was relatively new, leaving my full time job in July 2023, Singapore in August 2023…

A self actualisation for myself is that I don’t exactly crave travelling alone anymore… It’s nicer when you get to enjoy exploring new places, food etc together with people you love. In the months I was abroad I was ‘living’ not ‘travelling’.

Plans in Singapore

Along this journey sharing personal finance content and snippets of my life, I’ve mentioned how I wanted to explore the Financial Advisory industry. The main reason was because I feel frustrated when I can’t get a full understanding of what I’m buying for essential coverage.

Another reason, the same as doing YouTube, I wanted to meet more like-minded people, hence I did the 1-1 calls last year with 20+ people.


Having to rely on someone who’s income is reliant on whether I buy or not wasn’t something I’m comfortable with. Maybe thats how I ended up with an Endowment Plan…

I believe many of you feel that way too.

I made the decision to join the industry and do it differently.

My income WILL NOT be reliant on whether people sign with me or not, thats why I focused on building various income streams for myself, doing YouTube allows me to be independent.

Additionally, insurance is part of personal finance planning too. Even though I know of some people who don’t believe in having insurance coverage, which is sad.

Writing is also another income stream I’m building. If anyone of you reading this is good at building websites and you want to earn a project income, reach out please, I need help. 🥲

I’m currently left with 1 exam paper, all the onboarding process etc before I can start studying about the products available then dish out more content on this.

Hopefully, closing the gap between making sure we’ve protected ourselves sufficiently and the feeling of doubt on whether we’re buying what we need or just because it’s an income for another person.

I guess 1 more thing I can offer to anyone who reaches out to me, is everything else besides insurance. Self DIY your investments (it’s not that hard), Savings, Credit Cards, Retirement Planning.

Self Doubt

Trust me, I’ve put this off multiple times. In fact, I wanted to join the industry after graduating from University but the thought of having to sell and my income being reliant on it, made me decided not to go into it. And I’m glad I didn’t start back then, otherwise, my YouTube Channel would probably be non existent.

If you’ve followed me long enough, you’d know my philosophy. I’m just going to try, throw as much darts out there. If it doesn’t bring me to where I want to be. It’s fine. At least I’ve tried. I live with no regrets.

Who knows, this dart that I’ve released, might just hit the bullseye. 🎯

If after reading this you’d want me to help you down the road, continue following along on this journey.

I’ll update you guys here when I’ve officially gotten my license etc. I genuinely, just want to help others.

I’ve always been transparent with my numbers and what I do, this will not change.

I’m expecting negative comments coming in but so be it. I live my life for myself, to do whatever my heart leads me to. As long as I don’t harm anyone at the expense of my actions.

That’s all from me today. :) Till the next one, have a great week ahead!


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