My New Journey and YOU are Included!

My New Journey and YOU are Included!

Going into Financial Advisory…

20 March 2024


Along my journey documenting online, I’ve shared snippets of my intentions going into the Financial Advisory space but here’s the full story and how I hope I can help YOU.

I’ve always had interest in personal finance growing up and it has led me to sharing Personal Finance Content on YouTube today. After graduating from University, I had thoughts of going into financial planning but the idea of my income fluctuating as a fresh graduate made me chose the safer route - Internal Audit.

Why Now?

My own experience searching for insurance to protect myself when I first graduated wasn’t a pleasant one.

Doubting 🤨 the intentions of what was recommended to me. Even today, with a plan I am still paying for, there are some regrets… (I’m not saying all agents are like this but you get what I mean)

This was the defining factor that pulled the trigger for me to join the industry.

Nobody should feel a sense of Regret getting Personal Protection

We’re getting protection to prepare for life’s ‘what-ifs’.

I know I won’t have the capacity to pay for medical bills and surgeries if anything happens and this is why I pay for insurance.

Making sure of 1 factor before joining — my INCOME

How I make ends meet for myself, will never fully be from Financial Advisory work

That was why I focused on building various income streams for myself first, doing YouTube allows me to be independent.

If you’ve watched my Money Diaries series on YouTube, I’ve been transparent with how much Income I make monthly.

As of right now, I do not need to be an FA to feed myself.

More than Insurance

You’re also in partnership with the agent you decide to journey together with. 1 upside in my opinion is having someone take care of claims, queries, technicalities and changes as you progress through life.

My + factor?

If you decide to go with me, ask me questions beyond insurance AFTER we’ve settled the basic foundation to personal finance, Insurance AND Emergency Funds.

The alternative path I’m on, how I’m planning towards retirement, credit cards optimisation, self DIY your investments ideally (it’s not that hard).

If it can help you in one way or another I’d be willing to share.

Hopefully, this closes the gap between making sure we’ve protected ourselves sufficiently and the feeling of doubt on whether we’re buying what we need or just because it’s another person’s livelihood.

SO… If you want to work with me! 🙂

Express your interest here and I’ll reach out!